The Electronic Police State

A USA-based company called Cryptohippie has recently published a report on The Electronic Police State. According to Cryptohippie,

An electronic police state is characterized by this:
State use of electronic technologies to record, organize,
search and distribute forensic evidence against its

The report ranks 52 countries based on 17 factors, such as financial tracking, ISP data retention, data storage ability, cell phone records and so on. Based on ranking, nations were classified to red (most advanced electronic police state), orange (strongly developing), yellow (lagging but developing) and green (going towards electronic state police, but not as quickly). Israel got place 8, and belongs to the “red” club.


While the report offers a link to the underlying raw data, it’s just an excel file with the 17 factors ranking. No further explanation is provided about where these numbers came from, which is quite disappointing.

PR stories aside, what does get me a bit worried is the fast paced work on the new national biometric database. Given the privacy protection failures mentioned in the 2009 Comptroller’s Report, I do wonder where are we headed with this…


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